Robert Downey Junior.

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Robert Downey Jr Ellen DeGeneres Show

Who’s in Ellen’s Bushes today? ft. Robert Downey Jr.

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Inside Team Downey’s Offices.

Robert explains how the couple is able to mix business and pleasure: “It’s another form of co-parenting. We co-parent our children, our relationship, our business. It’s all the same. It’s all part of the therapy of life.

Hollywood Reporter, October 2014….

"it became almost like this wonderfully weird, creative foreplay."Robert Downey Jr., on his and Susan’s working relationship.

Robert Downey Jr., Producer Wife Susan Reveal Their Quirky Relationship

The Hollywood Reporter October 2014

Robert Downey Jr ‘s Team Downey’s three-story, pop art-filled headquarters on Venice’s Abbot Kinney Boulevard. “

Hollywood Reporter, October 2014

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Hollywood Reporter, October 2014  Behind the Scenes 

Before I met Susan, I didn’t even know what producers did, except yell at you when you did something they didn’t like. Now that I understand what they do, she’s the only one I want.

  Susan Downey And Robert Downey Jr The Hollywood Reporter October 2014 


The Downeys for The Hollywood Reporter

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Robert and Susan Downey - Hollywood Reporter, October 2014

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